Five Reasons Why We Think Historic Mail is the Perfect Last Minute Gift

Gone are the days where we eagerly await a letter delivered by the postman. There is something joyous about opening a letter and snuggling down to read the contents. Historic Mail brings to you an extraordinarily curated collection of letters that famous heads of state and everyday people wrote throughout the Second World War– and best of all, makes a perfect last minute gift for that person in your life who is hard to buy for and already has everything.

  1. 1

    You’ll get a personalized gift certificate with your giftee’s name and your name so you don’t have to turn up to a gift exchange empty handed!

  2. 2

    All of the letters have a short narrative describing
    the historical context and a transcript of the handwritten letters to help shed some light on the fascinating content. Some of the letters are faded from age and use terms that we don't use today.

  3. 3

    You'll receive a letter each week. You can buy bundles of letters that Historic Mail will send for 10, 25, or 52 weeks. Each letter is a reproduction of the original letters or messages that were written by historical figures and everyday people. Each gift bundle has a printable certificate that you can gift in advance of the first letter. This makes it an ideal 'late' gift.

  4. 4

    The beautifully inventoried letters give you a personal comprehension of the bloody war and how it affected people from all walks of life. Many of the letters are from real people experiencing fear, loss, ncertainty, comradeship, and love. The letters also provide a rich journey through the words of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and various other prominent WWII figures. The American History Collection takes you on a journey through its Independence, the abolition of the slave trade with Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, the Napoleonic Wars, World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II.

  5. 5

    The letter bundles are part of our history. The Historic Mail bundles teach humanity, humility, and kindness towards each other. We all know that giving a gift is magical, so imagine receiving a gift every week for up to a year. That's a whole lot of happiness.