Gifts for history-loving dads this Christmas

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    Historic Mail

    Most of our parents or grandparents were affected by WWII. The war holds memories of comradeship, influential leaders, harrowing memories, hope, prosperity, and love. Almost eight decades ago, that war became one of the most devastating in modern history and ravaged landscapes worldwide. Historians from Historic Mail have painstakingly created a beautiful collection of letters that provide a rich journey through the words of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and other historical figures. Explore their hopes, fears, and letters from their lovers as they navigate war-torn lands. Letters will arrive by post for 10, 25, or 52 weeks with a short narrative describing the historical context and a transcript of the handwritten letters.

    10 weeks of letters $59.99
    25 weeks of letters $159.99
    52 weeks of letters $249.99

    This is the perfect last-minute gift – you can print the gift certificate and present it to your father within minutes, and he won't be any the wiser!

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    Leather-bound book scented candles

    It's well-known that your senses are intricately linked to our memories, and smell is one of the most potent memory prompts. The Retreat Candle Co. has launched a heavenly range of zero-impact and sustainable candles made from coconut and soy. Your father will remember the heady scent of leather-bound books, so take him back down memory lane with a blissful blend of amber, patchouli, and rose petals that give a sweet papery scent of leather and vanilla. The crackling wooden wicks will remind him of roaring winter fires. Not only will it bring back fond memories, but the Retreat Candle Co. is set to raise $10 million to help children with mental health issues.

    $30.00 with free shipping across North America and Canada with purchases over $80.00.

    The candles can take a couple of days to prepare especially if you create your own fatherly scent from their range of fragrances.

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    Music subscription

    Music is another great memory autocue. Spotify is the world's largest music streaming service provider, with over 381 million monthly active users, including almost 200 million paying subscribers. The subscription gives your father access to over 70 million songs from various record labels, artists, and media companies. He can easily search for music by artist, album, or genre. He'll be able to enjoy artists such as the gorgeous Vera Lynn, Marlene Dietrich, George Formby, Glenn Miller, and Gracie Fields. He can even create his own playlist with his personal favorites and share them with his family, friends, or other history-inspired music lovers.

    Monthly subscription $9.99 per month

    Immediate access upon registration. Another ideal last-minute gift.

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    Hair Care

    Pomade is a waxy hair styling product made from basic ingredients, namely petroleum, beeswax, lanolin, and some fragrance. It was popular in the early to mid 20th century and would hold styles such as the pompadour, slick back, and side part. Although today's water-based products tend to be more popular than the original waxy products, dozens of new pomade companies make classic pomades that provide the same slick hold and texture. stocks great products, including Dapper Dan, Teddy Boy Original, Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade, Gents Grease, Railcar Pomade, and Layrite Super Shine.

    From $15.00 plus postage

    Super quick service, with shipping processed the same day.

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    Parker Pens

    Parker pens have been around since 1888. Interestingly, the company wasn't intentional. George Safford Parker was a telegraphy teacher (long-distance transmission of messages using signaling technology). To supplement his meager income, he sold pens for the John Holland Pens Company; his students quickly became his loyal customers. Occasionally, these pens would malfunction, and Parker felt obliged to fix them. He became so overwhelmed with pen repairs; he invented his version of the fountain pen. The rest is Parker pen history. 2021 marks the centenary of the iconic Parker Duofold. "At a time when the world was filled with black pens, PARKER made a bold statement with its emblematic red finish which paved the way for many more colours including Lapis Lazuli, Jade Green, and Mandarin Yellow."

    $1040.00 plus shipping

    Shipping is usually processed within the same day.