5 Great Gifts for 2021

We’ve spent the last few weeks scouring the internet for the perfect last minute gift ideas just for you. Here’s our top 5 picks for the best last minute gift Ideas of 2021! 


Our Picks for 2021

#1 Historic Mail

Now, this gift is perfect for all your history-loving friends and family. Flatter your loved ones with weekly letters of history straight to your loved one’s mail. Perfect for the History buff, Literature lover or Academic. It features 10, 25 or 52 weekly authentic letters or messages from founding fathers such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc and historic moments that shaped history.

The best part is you can download a personalized digital certificate with the recipient’s name which you can print and gift immediately - no need to turn up empty handed! Wait, there’s more. When you order this gift, a tree will be planted. Isn’t that amazing? 

Give the Gift of History

#2 Kamikoto Japanese Steel Knives

If there’s anything Japan is known for, it is their ability to make the very best knives in the world. The Kamikoto Kanepi Knife set comes in a natural-colored ash wood box and contains a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, an 8-inch Slicing knife, a 5-inch Utility knife and a satin-finish single bevel Kata-ha blade. What better gift than a gift that will be used in making a Christmas dinner? You are sure to put a smile on the face of the cook of the night. Yes, there’s more. At the moment, Kamikoto are running an unforgettable offer - if you buy a Kamikoto set, you get another one for free. 

Go to Kamikoto.com

#3 Scotch Whisky

Alcohol needs no introduction, and you can impress anyone with a genuine Scotch Whisky. Scotland is famous around the world for its whisky varietals and Glenfiddich has one of the best origin stories, having started as a family run business who built their distilleries by hand. If that pedigree isn’t enough to tempt you, bear in mind this is also a present that your loved-one can share with friends. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to order all the way from Scotland…

Go to Glenfiddich.com

#4 Sterling Pacific

For the discerning traveller, there's Sterling Pacific. Sterling Pacific manufactures full-aluminum suitcases using aircraft grade aluminum which ensures durability combined with unparalleled luxury and quality.  Their line of luggage is crafted with full-grain Italian leather handles, waterproof material, and impact bearing ridges on the front and back of the case. Each travel case also comes with an amenity and care kit. Sterling Pacific luggage is an investment piece that even the most frequent traveler will use for years to come. 

Go to SterlingPacific.com

#5 Established Titles

A great last-minute gift for the person who has everything in your life. Established Titles is truly the gift to give that friend or family member that has everything. Purchase one square foot of a souvenir plot of land in Scotland on behalf of someone else and make use of a little known historic custom whereby landowners are referred to as 'Lairds' - the Scots word for Lord! Every Established Titles Lordship and Ladyship Titlepack helps to preserve woodland areas in Scotland and contribute to reforestation efforts all around the world. 

Go to EstablishedTitles.com

Historic Mail Testimonials

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